Report: Effeminate teens starved, tortured, killed at camp to turn them into ‘men’

Gay Star News – Original Story

From Gay Star News comes this horrific tale of unspeakable evil perpetrated against youth who were or were preceived to gay and who were effeminate. Update May 1, 2013: As the blogger who originally posted this  points out, no one has claimed these boys were gay but they were effeminate and in our cultures boys who are effeminate are perceived to be gay.:


29th of April, 2013 – Reported by Joe Morgan

Three ‘gay and effeminate’ (blogger’s note: the boys were known to be effeminate- it is not known if they were actually gay), teens have died after being starved, tortured and killed at a camp that promised to turn them into ‘men’.

A picture of Raymond Buys, 15, taken in April 2011 showed a skeletal, emaciated figure fighting for his life.

Just 10 weeks before, the teen’s parents signed him up to the Echo Wild Game Rangers training course in South Africa in perfect health.

In hospital, Buys was severely malnourished, dehydrated, his arm was broken in two places and there were burns and wounds all over his body. He lay in intensive care for four weeks until he died.

And now, the course ‘general’ Alex De Koker, 49, and employee Michael Erasmus, 20, are on trial for charges of murder, child abuse and neglect, along with two cases of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm in relation to Buys’ death.

The teen’s death is alleged to have been the third among the Afrikaans children who attended the R22,000 ($2,400, €1,900) courses, which have been advertized since 2006.

‘I sent my son on this course to make him a better man, to give him a better future,’ Buys’ mother told The Daily Telegraph. ‘I trusted Alex De Koker with his life.’

Last week, the Vereeniging District Court heard the testimony of a boy who had shared a tent with Buys, the Daily Maverick reports.

Gerhard Oostuizen, 19, claims Buys was chained to his bed every night, was refused permission to visit the toilet and on one occasion was forced to eat his own faeces.

He also said he would be beaten with planks, hosepipes and sticks when he failed to carry out manual labor tasks.

Oostuizen alleged further he saw De Koker tied Buys to a chair naked with his head covered in a pillowcase, and would electrocute him with a stun gun.

Gender activist Melanie Nathan has said the three young men were all perceived as ‘gay and clearly effeminate’.

In reference to ‘gay conversion camps’, Nathan writes: ‘With a little bit of digging [into the story], the gay reparative undertones start to emerge.’

Eric Calitz, 18, and Nicolaas Van Der Walt, 19, had both died after being enrolled at the Echo Wild Game Rangers camp four years earlier.

When Calitz requested to leave, De Koker reportedly told him he ‘wasn’t a moffie [gay] and he would make a man out of him’.

Calitz’s family was informed of his death via text message, saying he had died of a heart attack.

Afterwards, doctors said the cause of death was from a seizure, dehydration and found bleeding from the brain.

Van Der Walt was also claimed to have died from a heart attack, but doctors said he had appeared to have been choked with a seatbelt.

Both De Koker and Erasmus have pleaded not guilty to the charges. The case continues.

Other reports on this story:

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This is an extreme example of both the homophobia and effeminophobia (aka sissyphobia) that is still very much alive in places all around the world. In our society the LGBT youth who are most likely to be targeted are those with gender non-conforming behaviors. If you go to any school and you ask why certain students are singled out for homophobic taunts, slurs and physical harassment and they will tell you either the student has come out or, more frequently, the boys who are effeminate and the girls who are more masculine. The boys who break the “rules” about how a boy or man should behave face the full brunt of sexism and misogyny in addition to homophobia. This has been observed and talked about for years but not enough is being done to combatants passionate about this because I have seen this many times and heard stories from adults who survived their teen years to live to tell their story. It is also their gender non-conforming behaviors that led parents, in part, to refer the doomed boys.

I hope this sad and horrific story will lead to more awareness and action. Sadly not even the news media gets it. The story in The Telegraph didn’t even mention that the boys appear to have been targeted because they were perceived to be gay or effeminate. You could deduce that if you read that they were sent there to make men out of them but as the old saying goes, “their are none so blind as he who would not see.” One other thing, I would encourage every gay man who complains about how those “stereotypical” gay men ruin their image to look into their hearts and realize that such sexism has no place in our community!

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A disabled, trans/agender person living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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