Milestones: 60, 20 & 2

The following is the post I made on my Facebook page upon the occasion of my recent birthday.

So, I am now 60. I’ve decided to embrace my new decade of life. I have lived through many interesting and marvelous adventures. This is also close to the anniversary of my move, 20 years ago, to here in Santa Fe. The other anniversary I am celebrating is the second anniversary of my coming out to a friend as a non-binary/genderqueer person. So this day is significant for many reasons.

The most important anniversary is the second year of living as an out and proud Agender/Genderqueer person. I can finally live an authentic life, something that was denied to me for the first 58 years of life. I know that embracing my agender identity is confusing for some of you. Just imagine feeling that there was something missing in your life. This had gone on for decades. Sure their were times you felt you had discovered the answer only to discover the community, you had embraced, didn’t acknowledge your gender non-conformity. Then you heard that there were more gender identities than just man or woman. I learned that my feeling of genderlessness had a name; Agender. The more I read about non-binary gender identities, the more convinced I became that the identity “Agender” described me. I now have a whole new family that I can get help from or, in turn, provide support for another member of this new Trans family of choice. This new Trans family has meant so much to me. Together we are creating safe spaces and reliable friends to turn to when others need help.

So I have a new cause that I have become an activist for. I want to see a world where Trans people are accepted as a natural gender variant and, along with intersex people, are a normal part of the wonderful diversity of human experience.

So this day marks an important milestone in my life. I am celebrating my twentieth anniversary of becoming a New Mexican, the second anniversary of my coming out as an agender person and the sixtieth anniversary of my birth. All in all these are great milestones to be celebrated. So I am chasing the gloom away and putting a positive spin on the significance of these anniversaries. Thanks to all of you for your support along the way!

Fairy JeBear: 60 Years of Life, 20 Years as a New Mexican and 2 Years as an Out and Proud Agender/Genderqueer Person.

About Agender Jeri 🦄

A disabled, trans/agender person living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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3 Responses to Milestones: 60, 20 & 2

  1. Congratulations is hitting 60! As someone now getting towards the end of that decade, I can recommend it. Things seemed to come together for me and I sense that may be true for you, as you have discovered that you are agender and have found a new purpose in life to work for the acceptance of all us trans folk. And here’s to many more great milestones on your life’s path. Thank you for a lovely blog. xx


    • Fairy JerBear says:

      Thanks so much! Perhaps those good effects of being in your 60s just started a couple years early for me! I’m so lucky to be in a community that has a wonderful support network for all trans folk, trans men & women, non-binary as well as those who are gender non-conforming or just trying to figure it all out. We also have a really active state-wide organization which is very supportive and making a difference.

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