Non-Binary Genders Explained by Upworthy 

Upworthy has really done a tremendous job in introducing non-binary genders to a general audience. There is the above video and this amazing article:

About Agender Jeri 🦄

A disabled, trans/agender person living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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2 Responses to Non-Binary Genders Explained by Upworthy 

  1. Excellent find. 🙂 I might pass this along to the LGBT+ focus group at my workplace. They are looking for concise ways to explain non-binary to the masses.


    • Fairy JerBear says:

      I just participated in something called StoryCorps OutLoud which is a project to get LGBTQ people and their friend to essentially have a conversation for 40 minutes. I went with my friend Anji who’s a lesbian woman I have known for around 16 years and has been particularly helpful since I started socially transitioning. The stories are then archived at their headquarters but also at The Library of Congress which is the largest library in the US. It’s the official USA library. It’s fun to think about someone listening to our conversation 10 years from now. Hopefully the trans/agender/nonbinary identities will be more widely known and accepted by then!

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