More Than Male And Female

I have been really getting into creating textual graphics and memes lately thanks to some new apps. The one I am proudest of is the one I came up with today. Here’s the text as it appeared on Instagram…

I came up with a meme/quote of my own and sent it via Instagram. Here’s the text and the graphic.

“There are more colors than black and white, there are more temperatures than hot and cold, there are more heights than short or tall and there are more genders than male and female.”
– Jeri Rae Cheney (me)

#OriginalQuote #JeriRaeCheney #NonBinaryGenders #Genderqueer #Agender #Bigender #Neutrosis #Demigender #TransMen #TransWomen #cisgender

About Agender Jeri 🦄

A disabled, trans/agender person living in the American Southwest and passionate about social justice, the environment, Trans/ LGBTQIA+ equality and combating bullying.
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