About Curating This Blog



Searching for LGBTIQ news, features and opinion

This is a blog that features curated as well as original content. The majority of posts I make are in my role as curator. These are reposts of news, opinion and feature articles from around the web. I scour the internet looking for stories that I find interesting and important. I than repost them here forming a digest of the best of the LGBTIQ web from my perspective. If you have seen and enjoyed having your content featured on my site, thank you! If you wish to have it removed just leave a comment and I’ll remove it. I try to always provide the name of the original author when available and where/for whom the original piece first appeared.

I also have original content which is very important to me. If you want to read posts that are about me click here for posts tagged personal. Any non-italicized text or text not in block quotes was, most likely created by me.

This approach to blogging is somewhat novel but it works best for me. The time I spend creating posts is therapeutic and makes me feel useful. I have always been an LGBTIQ, environmental, science, nature and animal rights activist. This blog provides an outlet for my activism and creativity.

I always appreciate “likes” and comments (the non-abusive type). Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay.


Pondering an original post


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